Security Conditions

We know that security in sending personal information is a major concern for customers who use the Internet. Although Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A and Austral Líneas Aéreas request your credit card information only when you make a reservation, we wish to inform you that we have worked together with Amadeus to ensure that information cannot be accessed by a third party.

Security offered in this medium is provided through SLL(Secure Socket Label) technology, which is based on encoding communications produced between your personal computer and our server, thus preventing their interception.

Do not worry about not receiving any notice telling you that you are entering a "secure" mode, since this is because the design of the site uses frames that enable screen division into areas that can be independently updated.

If you want to verify that this is indeed a secure site, while on the RESERVAS (Reservations) page you can right click on the "Consultar" (Ask) image or "Ingresar" (Enter) and select "Abrir vínculo en una ventana nueva" (Open Link on a New Window). This will create a new window where only the reservation pages will be loaded and where you can see the lock and the correct URL with the prefix "https" on the upper address (secure mode).