Additional and Special Baggage

Section 1

Additional and Special Baggage may be purchased at the following points of sale:

• For tickets purchased in Argentina, you may purchase it in advance when purchasing the flight ticket. You may also purchase it via our website at aerolineas.com , through the Call Center (via WhatsApp: +54 11 4940-4798) or at one of our offices, up to 3 (three) hours before the departure of your flight.

• For tickets purchased abroad, you may purchase it in advance through the Call Center (via WhatsApp: +54 11 4940-4798) or at one of our offices, up to 3 (three) hours before the departure of your flight.

• In both cases, you may also purchase it personally at the airport, when boarding.


Section 2

Additional and Special Baggage may be purchased in advance in the following cases:
• Plane tickets marketed by Aerolíneas Argentinas and its authorized agents.
• Flights operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas.
• Bookings made through redemption of Aerolíneas Plus miles and through Miles + Pesos Promotions.
• Bookings made through travel agencies.
• Bookings with WEB CKIN.

Section 3

Additional and Special Baggage is NOT available for purchase in the following cases:
• PNR with flights connecting with another company.
• Flights operated and/or marketed by other carriers.
• Charter flights.
• Group reservations.
• Sublo passengers — subject to load (AR/OA).
• Passengers under 2 years old.

Section 4

Additional Baggage:
• A suitcase, travel bag or similar item is considered to be Additional Baggage.
• Boxes, sports equipment, bicycles, pets in the hold or in cabin, and carry-on bags are not considered to be Additional Baggage.

Section 5

Sports equipment, musical instruments and audiovisual equipment are considered to be Special Baggage. For more information, click here.
• It must be adequately packed and placed in resistant containers.

Section 6

Each piece of Additional and Special Baggage must comply with the following conditions:

- DOMESTIC FLIGHTS: Weight: 15 kg in coach class and 15 kg in Premium Economy class for flights within Argentina. 
- REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Weight: 23 kg both in coach class and in Business class for regional and international flights (except for flights to/from Bogota, for which each piece of Additional or Special Baggage may not exceed 20 kg).
- Size: 158 linear cm (height, length and width). Check the exceptions for Special baggage.
In case of overweight or oversized bags, passengers shall have to pay the relevant charges at the airport when boarding their flight. For more information, you can check out the excess baggage section.
Any item exceeding 20 kg, 23 kg or 32 kg (according to the route), regardless of its size, may not be carried as checked baggage and must be dispatched through Aerolíneas Cargo.
Additional or special baggage services may not be used to pay for overweight or oversized bags.

Section 7

In all cases, before purchasing Additional Baggage, passengers must check the baggage allowance that applies to the purchased fare for the relevant destination/flight.


Section 8

Aerolíneas Argentinas shall not be liable for any damage caused to baggage during the flight or during its handling, since it is not advisable to carry fragile or valuable items as checked baggage.


Section 9

Aerolíneas Plus Passengers:

• Aerolíneas Plus Gold, Platinum and Diamond members, as well as SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members may use this benefit to have their first checked bag of Additional Baggage free of charge, according to the allowance applicable to the specific route and cabin.
• AR Plus Gold passengers entitled to the benefit of 1 extra item (of the same number of kilos authorized for the ticket class/family) may choose to replace this extra item with one special baggage item.
• AR Plus Platinum/Diamond passengers entitled to the benefit of 1 extra item (of the same number of kilos authorized for the ticket class/family) may also choose to add one special baggage item free of charge.
• The purchase of baggage does not earn miles under the Aerolíneas Plus Program.

Section 10

All available methods of payment will be accepted depending on the moment when the purchase is made and the channel through which it is requested. Current offers for credit/debit card payments shall apply to the sale of this service (installments with or without interest, refunds, etc.) when it is acquired when purchasing the flight ticket.


Section 11


• The purchase of Additional Baggage is personal and non-transferrable, and said baggage may only be carried in the relevant passenger’s flight.
• The purchase of Additional Baggage shall be valid for ONLY 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase.
• Changes are only possible for pieces of baggage of the same or higher value than the piece of baggage originally purchased and in the same currency used for payment.
• If you are NOT going to use the baggage purchased for your original flight and you still do not want to associate it to another flight, you must request the dissociation of the service before the departure of said flight, so that it remains available for use during the applicable validity period; otherwise, you will not be able to use it or request a refund.
• In case you wish to use the service for the same booking or another booking already issued, the flight departure date must occur within the validity period of the baggage purchased. If you cannot use the service within its validity period in compliance with the conditions detailed below, you will not be able to request a refund for the service.

You can make any change before the departure of your flight through our Call Center (via WhatsApp: +54 11 4940-4798) or at one of our offices or our sales desk at the airport. If the booking was made or issued through a travel agency, you will have to contact said agency in advance to request the change. In the case of confirmed Sublo passengers, the change has to be made through that office.

The following information should be taken into account when making any change:

Changes at NO extra cost:
• Only for the same route or other routes within the same region and price range in the Additional Baggage chart. Check out the price chart here

Changes WITH an extra cost (you must pay the difference):
• For other routes at a higher price range than the one purchased (in the Additional Baggage chart), as long as the fare is issued in the same currency.
• For the same or other routes within the same region and price range in the Additional Baggage chart which prices have increased at the time of using the service again, or if a price different to the one originally paid applies based on the point of sale.
• If the baggage originally purchased is the first piece of baggage, and you wish to use it as a second or an additional piece of baggage.
Important: no changes may be made except for the ones mentioned above.

Section 12

The service is non-refundable. The only possible exceptions are:
• If the flight is canceled by Aerolíneas Argentinas.
• If the flight has taken place but, for any reason attributable to Aerolíneas Argentinas, the additional baggage purchased was not accepted.
• If the passenger cannot travel for medical reasons, he or she must submit the documentation required by the Customer Service Center so that the refund of the purchased service may be assessed (https://www.aerolineas.com.ar/es-ar/reservas_servicios/devolucion)
The refund for the service must be requested within 12 (twelve) months of the date of purchase. After that period, no refund shall apply.
If the refund is processed, whenever possible, all reimbursements shall be made through the same payment method used by the passengers to make the purchase.
If you are taking two flights connecting in less than 24 hours (immediate connecting flight), only one additional baggage charge shall apply to both flights. If you do not take one of these flights, no partial repayment of the charge paid shall apply.

Section 13

Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. reserves the right to amend the additional baggage service conditions at any time before the purchase, with or without prior notice, as well as the right to select the flights, routes, fares and types of tickets to which the purchase of the baggage shall apply.
The carriage of additional and special baggage is subject to the availability of baggage space in the hold. Aerolíneas Argentinas shall take the necessary measures, as far as possible, to carry the baggage in the same flight as the passenger. However, it may exceptionally be necessary to carry the baggage on a later flight due to technical reasons related to the aircraft.

Section 14

These terms and conditions must be read and accepted together with the General Conditions of the Contract of Carriage and our Privacy Policy, available at the company’s website.