Tickets Refund

Tickets Refund

Remember you can use/refund your ticket within a period of 12 months from the date of purchase.

To obtain information about fare conditions and in order to cancel your flights, your should contact our local call center.

IMPORTANT: You should fill-in the form corresponding to the same country/area of residence you selected when buying your tickets. This form applies for tickets purchased through, country Australia and by credit card.

Note: For cancellation of tickets purchased in our United States Website and within 24 hours of purchase, enter here.

AEROLINEAS PLUS REWARD TICKETS: Refund of miles and taxes, in case acquired fare allows it, should be requested personall at our local offices.  This form is not applicable.
Please fill-in the following information in order to start the refund process:

Purchaser complete name*
Place of residence*