Data protection in the Argentine Republic and in the European Union.

Data protection is governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.

Aerolíneas Argentinas have registered their databases with the National Database Register of the Argentine Republic to ensure effective legal protection of the personal data of all of their users.

Act 25,326 constitutes a public policy regulation that governs the activities of databases that record personal data for the purpose of guaranteeing people adequate control over the use of their personal data.

For further information, please go to the web page of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina:

Privacy Policy under the laws of the Argentine Republic

Access to certain services that are provided via the Web Site may require you to enter certain personal data, namely: email address, name, surname, full address, type and number of identification document and other optional personal details, or any other information that provides for customisation of the services. Whenever you provide personal information, and in accordance with applicable legislation, you declare that the information provided is true and accurate.

The information that you enter on the Web Site will be used to: send you information regarding the Company's Products, Services and Promotions, request the booking of promotional tickets exclusive to the site, booking and sale of tickets, registration with the frequent flyer program of AR, obtain statistics, and perform a variety of marketing purposes.

Entering your personal data on the Web Site is voluntary, however Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. hereby declares that entering said personal data will enhance your use of the services that are provided as well as the user relationship. Whenever you provide us with your personal information, you accept and freely and expressly provide your informed consent for said information to be used for the aforementioned purposes, and you furthermore authorise processing, storage, compilation, or transfer of your personal data. Furthermore, you also freely and expressly accept and consent to the full terms of this privacy policy.

Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. hereby warrants to all users that enter their personal data on the Web Site that said personal data shall be encrypted in order to preserve the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the personal particulars. Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. endeavours to prevent the alteration, loss, or unauthorised access or processing of said personal data, in order to detect any modifications, intentional or otherwise, of the information, whether the risks are the result of human actions or the technical means employed. Accordingly, we hereby notify you of our privacy practices and explain the alternatives that are available to you in relation to the way in which your information is compiled and used.

The encryption system means that the information may be used only by Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. and no intermediaries whatsoever will have access to the information.

Users may access their personal data and to rectify, erase, or object to the processing of said personal data by means of a notice forwarded to the database manager ( at no cost whatsoever.

Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. will not share your personal data with any third parties whatsoever. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. may send to its users different types of promotions or special notifications, however users will always be able to ask Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. to stop sending them said notifications.

The user is responsible, at all times, for the veracity and accuracy of the data that has been provided, and Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. hereby reserves the right to exclude all users that have provided false data, without prejudice to its right to take any relevant legal action.

Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A. hereby reserves the right to provide information to border control authorities, immigration authorities, customs authorities of any country and/or any judicial authorities that request said information or when there are well-founded reasons in relation to public security, national defence, or public health.

Notice to residents of the European Union in relation to the new General Data Protection Regulation. Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy relates to and governs the collection and processing of the personal data that is provided by Users when accessing, browsing, or using the functions of the Web Site that is accessed via the URL: (the “Web Site”) or of data provided telephonically or face to face at a sales office of the Company.
When, to use or request a service, it is necessary to provide personal data, the User shall guarantee and warrant that the data are true, accurate, genuine, and in force. Accordingly, the User shall be required to keep said personal data up to date at all times.
Collection of data, purposes, legitimate interest, and data storage periods:
Acceptance of the data processing procedures set out in this privacy policy signifies that the User authorises Aerolíneas Argentinas S.A., with its registered office at Av. Rafael Obligado s/n, Terminal 4, 6° Piso, Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires ( “Aerolíneas Argentinas” or the “Owner”),as the owner of the Web Site, to carry out the processing of his or her personal data for the purposes set out below. In accordance with the decision of the European Commission, Argentina, as of the date of this Privacy Policy, is a country that has an adequate level of security in relation to data protection, and accordingly we hereby guarantee that your personal data will be processed and managed in a manner similar to that provided for under European data protection regulations. Furthermore, Aerolíneas Argentinas will comply with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in relation to the processing of personal data of users that reside in the European Union.
The purposes for which Aerolíneas Argentinas will process the personal data of Users are set out below:
1. Customer Services: we will process the personal data of Users in order to, among other purposes, provide the following services:

  • Information regarding bookings.
  • Refunds.
  • Check-in.
  • Transfer service.
  • Information regarding booking status via email.
  • Handling and legal defence in respect of any type of claim filed by Users in relation to the contracted service.

The personal data processed for each specific service will depend upon the nature of the Service, and the fields marked with an asterisk will constitute mandatory fields. The personal data will be processed for the purpose of providing Users with every requested service. Said data will be stored for the necessary period of time in order to comply with the Transport Contract and, thereafter, for the period stipulated under applicable legal regulations.
2. Communications: we will process the personal data of Users to be able to respond to their requests, suggestions, or claims based upon the consent of said Users. Users will have to provide at least the information designated as mandatory information by the Company for it to be able to manage and respond to each request, suggestion, or claim. For claims, Users' personal data may be communicated to third party companies or authorities, which in certain cases may be located in countries that do not have an adequate level of data protection, because said companies or authorities may be involved in the action or in settling the claim, where said communication is necessary to process the claim. The personal data provided for the purposes of filing a suggestion, and the data received in the case of claims, will be stored for the period of time necessary for handling and for the period stipulated under applicable legal regulations.
3. Booking and purchase of tickets: we will process the personal data provided during the process of booking and purchasing tickets for the purpose of managing the booking, and said data processing is necessary to perform the request.
In certain situations, Aerolíneas Argentinas may process data considered to constitute special categories of data, such as, for example, health-related information. Said information will be collected and processed for the following purposes:

  • Non-medical assistance, such as, for example in the case of passengers who have a visual or hearing impairment or require a wheelchair. This information may be notified to third party companies or entities in the countries of arrival or stop-over, which may not ensure an adequate level of data protection. The processing of said information is necessary in order to prepare and provide said services and is based upon the consent of the respective Users.
  • Transportation of sick people or persons who have undergone surgery, in the cases in which a medical certificate is required. This information will be evaluated by the Company's medical staff for the purpose of authorising the flight or not, and said data processing is based upon the protection of the passenger's vital interests and health.
  • Transportation of pregnant passengers, in the cases in which a medical certificate is required. This information will be evaluated by the Company's medical staff for the purpose of authorising the flight or not, and said data processing is based upon the protection of the passenger's vital interests and health.
  • Furthermore, the fact that a User has requested a specific type of menu may indirectly provide us with information concerning the User. This information is processed for the sole purpose of programming and serving food and will be stored for the necessary period of time in order to comply with the Transport Contract, and thereafter for the period stipulated under applicable legal regulations.
  • The travel itinerary information for each passenger, including all information necessary for processing and managing bookings by Aerolíneas Argentinas (such as identification and contact particulars, payment details, frequent flyer information, etc.) is kept in a passenger names register (“PNR”) which may include special categories of data. In the case of flights having their destination or departure in certain territories, such as the European Union, Canada, Mexico, or the United States of America, this information will be reported to the authorities for the purpose of complying with applicable regulations.

Providing air transport services also involves disclosing data to companies or the authorities of third party countries, including countries that do not ensure an adequate level of data protection, and said communication of data is mandatory in order to comply with applicable legislation that governs our activities as an airline and/or is necessary to perform and execute the booking and the transport contract or provide certain related services. The countries to which data may be disclosed will be the countries of arrival or stop-over. In particular, we may communicate Users' personal data to:

  • Customs and immigration authorities. This communication is required in light of the existence of specific regulations, pursuant to which airlines must provide information regarding bookings and travel to the border control and customs authorities.
  • Other airlines, in the case of flights operated by an airline other than Aerolíneas Argentinas. In this case, the airline that operates the flight will be identified at the time of the booking. Disclosure of said data is necessary in order to perform the air transport contract.
  • Credit card and payment institutions, credit agencies and providers of anti-fraud control services. The purpose of the communication of data to said institutions is to process payments (where necessary) and to perform fraud prevention. The basis for disclosure of the data for said purposes is a legal obligation.
  • Providers. The provision of certain services during travel, such as fast track, VIP lounges, hotels, or assistance services for disabled persons, may be contracted with third party companies or with the corresponding airport operator. Communication of your personal data for said services is necessary for provision of the services, and accordingly when receiving or requesting said services you expressly consent to disclosure of your personal data to the corresponding providers.
  • Police and other authorities. To comply with the pertinent legal obligations, Aerolíneas Argentinas may, when required, have to report personal data concerning its passengers to the local authorities of the countries of departure, arrival, or stop-over.

The information provided for the purpose of booking a ticket will be stored for the period necessary under applicable legal regulations.
Furthermore, in the case of booking and purchasing tickets, the Company may send Users commercial information regarding contracted products or services as well as regarding products having characteristics similar to those of the contracted products, unless the Users object to receiving this type of information by sending an email to or by means of the procedure that will be specified in every communication of information received by Users.
4. Aerolíneas Plus: Users who register as members of Aerolíneas Plus will be informed that their personal data and the personal data of their beneficiaries will be processed for the purpose of managing and processing their applications, managing their activities as members, and sending out information regarding the scheme, promotions and benefits. Data processing will be as required to process applications and establish membership or beneficiary status. The data provided for said purposes will be processed while the membership scheme is in effect or until cancellation of membership is requested.
5. Human resources: Users who wish to take part in selection processes by Aerolíneas Argentinas via the Web Site must provide their identification and contact particulars and personal data relating to their academic qualifications. Said data will be used in order to take said Users into consideration for employment openings and/or future employment vacancies. Users’ consent is the legal basis for said data processing, and said data will be stored for a maximum period of one year.
6. Newsletter: Users who so wish may provide their identification particulars and their email addresses to subscribe to the latest news, promotions, and the newsletter of Aerolíneas Argentinas, so that, based upon their consent, said Users may periodically receive communications sent to their email, postal address, or mobile phone. The data will be stored for the period in which the respective User remains registered on the Company's system for distributing commercial information.
7. Cookies: The Web Site uses technology for the placement of files called cookies on the device or equipment that is used to access and browse the Web Site. The cookies may be blocked or deactivated at any time via your internet browser's configuration options and are used to enhance the User’s experience when browsing our Web Site and also to analyse the browsing habits of Users and offer them customised content. Users’ consent is the legal basis for said data processing. The specific data storage period will depend upon the type of cookie in question.
Exercising rights
Users may revoke the consent to processing of their personal data they may have provided and may furthermore exercise their rights of access, rectification, erasure, portability, objection, and restriction of data processing at any time by sending Aerolíneas Argentinas notice in the form of an email addressed to or at the Company's sales offices or branch offices, the contact details of which are available on the Web Site or by post sent to the postal address shown above, listing “Protección de Datos” [Data Protection] as the subject. In either case, the notice must be accompanied by an official document that substantiates the User's identity so as to avoid access to personal data by third parties. Finally, Users may report any changes in writing or may request cancellation of their registration by giving notice through any of the above-mentioned channels.
Users may at any time lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authorities at their place of residence.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Aerolíneas Argentinas reserves its right to alter its privacy policy at any time in compliance with the data protection legislation in force and subject to prior notification of all interested parties.
Applicable version of this Privacy Policy
The Spanish version shall be the applicable version of this Privacy Policy. Any version of this Privacy Policy in a different language is furnished merely for Users' convenience and to help them to understand the terms. In any event, the Spanish version of this Privacy Policy shall always prevail.
In the case of any discrepancy between the Spanish version and any other language version of this Privacy Policy, the Spanish version shall always prevail.