Aerolíneas Argentinas carried 60,146 passengers during the long weekend


The load factor for domestic flights was 88% and punctuality reached 90%.

February 17, 2021 - Aerolíneas Argentinas has announced its operating results for this past long weekend due to the Carnival holidays. In the aggregate, 60,146 passengers traveled around the country, and the average load factor was 86%.

In addition, the punctuality rate, one of the most important indicators for travelers, was approximately90%, taking into account the flights operated from Friday 12 to Tuesday 16.

At the top of the ranking of the most frequent flight destinations was Bariloche with 10,693 passengers carriedand a load factor of 93%; followed by Ushuaia, with 5,326 passengers carried and a 92% load factor; Mendoza, with 5,073 passengers carried and a 93% load factor; Córdoba, with 4,880 passengers carried and an 89% load factor; and El Calafate, with 4,781 passengers carried and a 90% load factor. The remaining “top 10” destinations were Salta, Iguazú, Neuquén, Tucumán and Trelew.

Some routes within the “Federal Corridors” also reached high figures: Bariloche from Rosario and Córdoba, and Mar del Plata from Tucumán, Córdoba and Mendoza had a 90% average load factor.

It is worth mentioning that, in the context of the gradual return to operations that started in October, the operatinglevels of Aerolíneas Argentinas represent 42% of the operations prior to the pandemic.

“These figures show that, with responsibility, care and protocols, a reactivation is possible, not only in the aviation industry but also in the whole tourism sector. This is essential for the recovery of the Argentine economy,” stated Pablo Ceriani, president of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

In the aggregate, during the last weekend, Aerolíneas Argentinas operated 43 different domestic routes and 12 international routes.