Make your Check-in Online / Re-print your boarding pass

From your PC or mobile device make your Check-in Online between 48 hs and up to 55 minutes before the departure time of your domestic flight; or between 24 hours and 70 minutes before the departure time of your international flight.
Not available codeshare flights numbered 7000 to 7999 operated by another carrier.

Enter here to add a contact email address to your ticket. It is very important because we will be able to contact you in the event of any changes to your flight.

A maximum weight restriction has been established (1 pz of 23 kg.) from Argentina to Chile and vice versa, so any piece of baggage that exceeds such weight limit will not be accepted for check-in. In these cases, the payment of excess baggage will not be accepted and may only be transported through the Cargo section, well in advance and paying the corresponding fee.