Our Mission

As the Argentine flag carrier, our mission is to ensure connectivity within Argentina and with the world, with the aim of being a key element in the economic, social and cultural development of our country.

Our Vision

To be the leading airline in Argentina as well as the airline chosen by those who visit our country from abroad. 


Our Values




We comply with the highest safety standards.




We provide a public, fast and comfortable service which ensures mobility within Argentina and connectivity with foreign countries.

Quality Service



The service we provide in each stage of the travel experience is our priority.




We apply visible, public-access proceedings, fostering broad participation in contracting processes. 

Efficiency and sustainability

Eficiencia y Sustentabilidad


We work towards being sustainable, optimizing resources and boosting productivity.



Eficiencia y Sustentabilidad


We encourage an organizational culture that promotes respect for diversity through the creation of inclusive environments. 


Our Goals

  • To ensure connectivity, integration and development.
  • To be productive and efficient.
  • To be sustainable